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DALI dimmable driver(CC)

PE-N14DA/PE-N20DA DALI dimmable led driver

█  Features:

● Integrated DALI/PUSH/0-10V/1-10V/PWM/R DIM standard dimming interface

● DALI2 certification, DALI member

● Digital control, flicker free Output

● Universal AC input voltage (100-250VAC)

● Protection: short circuit/over voltage/over current

● Natural air cooling, moisture-proof, heat conduction, silica gel heat dissipation process

● Unique design slow light, slow off function

● Suitable for LED home and business intelligent lighting system

● Large diameter copper terminals, convenient installation

● Comply with world lighting safety code

● 8 gears current selection

● 5 years warranty

● Size: 127.5*43*30mm

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